Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finals Week

Three down, two to go. Monday's three final marathon made for a pretty brutal day. Thankfully I'm done with what I think are probably the two most difficult: Physics and Humtut. I have my music jury in a few hours and a religion final on Friday. After that, the semester is done! It's amazing how fast it has gone.

The annual CLU Christmas concerts were a few weekends ago. Usually it's just choir and strings but there was a choir piece that was accompanied by two clarinets so I got the opportunity to play. It was a really nice program with a lot of very strong music and the nice "warm and fuzzy" Christmas feel. Julian, Tani, and Casey came down for the Friday show and my parents for Sunday so it was fun to see them. Apparently you could see me pretty well in a picture from the concert that made the front page of the campus paper, The Echo. The next day, the picture at right appeared on my door.

As I type I believe it is snowing in the AV. It's pretty cool to get snow this early but too bad it couldn't have waited a week. All we get here is cold rain and wind.

There's a few TofR alum that are planning on heading to Bandfest next Tuesday the 30th to see the many QH folks in it this year. If anybody is interested let me know soon so we can get tickets and such.

Bush's shoe dodging video has made the rounds, but there was actually a photo from another angle that not many have seen. Have to give that guy some credit.

A New Jersey ShopRite store refused print three year old "Adolf Hitler Campbell's" name on a birthday cake this week. I think the bigger question in this whole controversy is why a parent would name their child Adolf Hitler. Yes it's unique, but is that really necessary?

Made in "52 hours on 2 dozen redbulls," this trailer for the action-packed-epic-romantic-war-thriller-drama-saga starring office supplies is pretty dang cool. I think I'd actually pay money to see the film if it were real.

That's it for now...I must go mentally prepare myself for my upcoming jury.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008