Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MIT's $100 Laptop

This thing is absolutly amazing. Not only is this laptop insanely cheap, but its design is very well thought out. The battery doubles as a handle and the shoulder strap is the power supply and plug. When you run low on battery, you can even hand crank power. And that's not all...check out the article for more info. When these things come out in late 06, I'll be first in line.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Zombies are Attacking...

Another uneventful week in the can. It actually rained on Tuesday to the great surprise and celebration of everybody. That was nice...I could go for more, but it doesn’t look like it too soon. Although, Thursday was the first official day of fall, so off we plunge into that time of year.

We had our field exhibition show last night at QHHS. It was pretty fun, and we actually did half-way decent. Only one more drill left to learn and a massive amount of cleanup and we might actually know the show.

Hope I didn't freak you out with the title, because it actually does tie in. A high school student was arrested Tuesday for plotting a scheme to "raise a zombie army and attack his high school." Wonderful.

If that wasn't enough Zombie news for you, here's a simulation of what would happen if the world was suddenly attacked by zombies. Shouldn't we be putting our recorces in to planning naturl disasters, instead 'zombie attacks'???

Even though it looks like it, apparently you can’t snap the new ipod nano in half, but you can apparently scratch the screen up pretty good. Check out the chronicles of the screen scratch truama.

Microsoft's goal with the upcoming Windows Vista is for the system to "start and shut down as quickly and reliably as a television, typically within 2 to 3 seconds." Wow. That's fast.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ayyy Matey

Avast, me hearties-
Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Arrr...just letting you know early, so you can greet everyone correctly.
Avast- I'm off.

Driving School and 16 gig Flash Drives

Sounds like some sort of twisted horror movie.

Not too much new in my world. I had my first driving lesson last week. No casualties yet, so I guess I'm doing pretty good so far. My instructor guy was good ol' Bud at Adrian’s Driving School- the biggest dump on that side of Lancaster, but I'd never have it any other way. That place is pretty awesome (especially to a junk hoard like me).

School continues to play the wonderful part of Dante's Inferno on this rotating spherical habitat on which we reside. Homework arrives by the craploads, but it's all good. Not really, but oh well.

We had our first field show performance last week. "They" said it looked "good". There's room for me. I think our next performance is the exhibition show on the 24th.

16GB flash drives? Yup, Samsung is going to start shipping them next year.

The new i-pod nano is shipping. It's thinner than a pencil with 4GB of flash memory and a color screen. Not that I'm endorsing it or anything. Now with our 16GB flash drive (see above) we may see something every interesting in the future...

An 85 year old grandmother in Nebraska leapt out of a plane the other day. She kept her promise to sky dive on her 85th birthday. Wow. Let's just hope my grandma doesn’t get any ideas (those in my family are now cringing at the thought).

That's all for now folks.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm Street Legal

Well, folks, it's happened. I passed the written DMV test. I have a learner's permit. I can legally operate a motor vehicle (under supervision). If that's not a scary thought, I don't know what is.

The test had 46 questions, and you can miss up to 8. I was shooting for a perfect score (just to annoy everybody), but missed two. Darn those freeway exit lanes and marked extended cargo regulations.

I go for my first behind the wheel training thing on Sunday. Quite frankly, I'm dreading it.

A big happy birthday is in order for one of my best friends:
Google is 7 years old!!!
If Google were a person, they would have started elementary school late last summer (around August 19), and today would have just finished the first grade. Awesome indeed.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Give Katrina Victims $1 for Free

It might not be much, but I'm sure every little bit counts. Since I know a lot of us can't really do much, this is kind of neat. Click here, look in the lower right corner, check the box and click donate. Way to go, Clorox for sponsoring something like this. Spread the word!