Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Crazy Week

I must admit...the past few days have been pretty insane. It's not so much stressful, but keeping track of everything going on can be a challenge.

Thursday, today, and Saturday is the Presidential Scholar Program for next year's class. I offered to help out and ended up being a host to to scholars. They're both great guys and it seems like all of the scholars are having a good time, successful interviews, and good meetings. It's so strange that only a year ago I was in that same place. Time is just flying by.

We had our Spring Break last week. While it was a bit early, it was still nice to have some time off. Most of it was spent hanging with the nephews who are doing well. Saturday was Matt's birthday party...the big 3. That little dude is pretty smart and growing up quick. I met up with some folks in Long Beach on Thursday for Julian's concert and that turned out to be a nice little trip.

I began my internship as a Clinical Care Extender last week. I've done three shifts so far and while it's not the most glorious work in the world, it's definitely a really good experience. I'm sure I'll be able to stockpile some pretty good stories. Also, next week is the Regan Library event and I'm really looking forward to that.

It's been concluded that regular watermelons take up to much room in the refrigerator. The solution? Make them square. Not a bad idea...

Even with the advent of many wireless computer components, many still complain of all the stupid wires getting in the way. Just be thankful its probably not this bad.

While flying isn't typically the most pleasant experience these days, it's nice to see a little bit of wit and humor from the crew. I think airlines should start mandating stuff like this to keep people somewhat attentive.

That's all for now...I'm off to try and enjoy my relaxing Friday afternoon.