Monday, May 30, 2005

H10 Picture

The iRiver H10 (20GB). Blogger has a problem
with formating text and photos, so to read about
it, click here or scroll down.

The iRiver H10 (20GB)

Well, I finally did it. I bought the iRiver H10 20 gig. It wasn't the cheapest in the world, but I couldn't be happier so far. I can't wait for it to charge up so I can start using it. I've been wanting a good player for a long time, and I think I made the right choice.

Eailer today, I finally saw Star Wars Episode III. It was pretty awesome...execpt for the front row seats. We were in theater 11 (the biggest of course) and got there kind of late, so we got stuck with front and center. I think I need a few more Tylonol for my neck.

Last Moday, Systm debueted. It is basically a weekly 10 minute tech show for hardcore geeks. Check it out.

This is great. The CEO of Intel, the largets chip company for Windows basted PCs says he spends an hour a week cleaning up spyware on his home computer. He was quoted recomending Macs. lol. Forget the Mac thing people, just install Linux.

And I know you all dieing for the IM convo of the week:

(14:32:36) Crayola0***: But she goes up to hug me (in her USC shirt) and SHE'S SHORTER THAN JAMIE.
(14:33:03) Crayola0***: So I sez to myself, "Self, WTF goes on here?"

So there you have it...I'm off to mess with my new gadget.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

20 Days to Go

Another Sunday afternoon with nothing to do but dread the coming Monday. This week won't be to bad; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we get out early. But there's still 20 more days of School left.

Star Wars Episode III came out Thursday at midnight. I haven't seen it yet, I'm probably going to wait a week or two for the hype to die down. After all, I'm not a huge fan. My bro in law, Karl saw it at midnight on DLP in Vegas, and Louis took part of Thrusday off to see it. Casey had front row seats down in LA on Friday.

I'm still on an Mp3 player hunt. I think I've actually decided which one I'm going to get: the iriver H320. I'm just waiting for a good deal, or ebay to come along.

This is the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time. It's a personalized Google homepage, you have to try it out (if you need a gmail invite, just let me know).

Yahoo has started offering unlimited Mp3 downloads for $5 a month. There are more freedoms than most services, but it is still a "rent" type thing. It 's a pretty good deal, I wonder how iTunes is going to react.

Ever feel confined by the limitations of web pages? Not here. You can finally get ultimate freedom.

That's all for now.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Creative Zen Touch

The last couple of months I've been looking at the Creative Zen Micro. When I saw that Best Buy had it on sale for $189 last week, I decided to go for it. Nothing is ever that easy. Apparently the online price and in-store price are two very different things. And you can't use gift cards online. So long, Best Buy.

Then it hit me. Why should I buy the 5GB, 12 hour Zen Micro for about $200 when I can get the 20 GB, 24 hour Zen Touch for $20 bucks more? So that's my latest thing. I'm now waiting for a decent one to come along on eBay. If you’re interested in buying a few Best Buy gift cards, I have a few $25's for sale.

Oh, and no, I am NOT going to buy an iPod.

Otherwise, life has been pretty normal lately. I doubled my Mp3 collection this weekend since Karl happened to bring along his gigs upon gigs of Mp3s.
My life must be pretty boring if I'm sitting here bragging about Mp3s. I apologize; I'm in a sarcastic mood.

Since I have nothing else to talk about, I'm going to give TWIT another plug. thisWEEKinTECH- check it out.

Be sure to check out how nerdy you are. I'm nerdier (is that a word?) than 74% of people who have taken the test. Along with my "supergeek" rating, that’s pretty good.

And finally, the random quote of the week:
(18:12:35)farmerbob***: one time i yawned and spit went flying all over my keyboard and touchpad and it pissed me off

That's it for now- check back later.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Feliz Seis de Mayo

I'm a day late, but oh well. I finally have a spare moment (weekend) to actually sit down and write something. Today in Spanish we made salsa to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It was really fun until my face and hands swelled up and turned red, not to mention the burning. I guess my skin has a little issue with jalapeƱos.

We got back from Vegas on Monday. It was a lot of fun. We did ok in the band stuff on Sat, and on Sunday and Monday we got a chance to check out the different hotels on the Strip. On Sunday night we went up the Stratosphere, an awesome view, and saw the show on Fremont Street. It was cool to see Andi and Karl well as my whole family. It was a pretty awesome trip.

The Revenge of the Screen Savers (see last post) has changed their name to TWIT: thisWEEKinTECH. TWIT is a weekly tech (and other random stuff) podcast produced by the old Screen Savers. Check it out.

In case you’re interested, Pope Benedict XVI's six-year-old Volkswagen Golf sold on Ebay last Thursday. The winner spent about $305,000 for the Pope's old car.

That's it for now...enjoy the rest of you Seis de Mayo.