Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back to Reality...

School started last Monday.
Need I say more?
Back to annoying teachers, long days and homework. Joy.

We're making slow, painful progress on the show in band. It's a pretty hard show, but we've got some of it. I think the first game we play at is on the 9th.

The new Walmart Super-Center opened today. Louis and I had a plan: we were going to wait in line to get in opening day, run in, grab a stick of gum, buy it, and become their first customers ever. Too bad school started so early this year.

Ever wonder what happens when some guy with too much time on his hands buys a chunk of pure sodium off ebay and attempts to blow it up any way possible? Check it out.

Microsoft released beta 1 of Windows Vista (the next version of Windows). It looks to have some cool new features, but doesn't quite look like the original Longhorn was supposed to. You can watch a video review by Patrick Norton here, or read the PC Mag review here.

The Worlds Largest tomato fight started in Spain. Every year tens of thousands of people hurl thousands if tomatoes at each other. Sounds pretty fun.

Three day weekend coming up! I'll try to update then

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Dreaded Return to School

Not to depress you or anything, but only one (half by now) day of freedom left. I guess it’s back to it tomorrow. Oh well. Only 180 days of school left till summer again.

QHHS band camp was last week. Hot and hectic as usual, though it was nice seeing everybody again. This year we’re doing the Incredibles field show. The music is fun, sorry to say I can’t quite say that much for the actual show. I’m sure it will get better once we actually get it down (which, at the rate we’re going, will be a while yet).

Here’s a scary prospect for you: I could be driving in a few weeks. I’ve been taking an online driver’s ed class the past few weeks (not by choice, mind you) and just passed the final. I should get the certificate in a few days, and within a week or two take the DMV test. I find the whole idea very disturbing at this point.

Google Earth came out with a new version a few days ago. It has updated images and improved resolution for most major cities (and Area 51…go figure).

Obsure site for the week: Facts on Farts: “Everything you ever wanted to know about farting. From where the gas comes from to why it stinks. It is quite a technical explanation and is sure to answer almost every question you've ever had about flatulence.”


That’s all for now. If I’m not plagued with HW (argh), I’ll try to get on next week.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm Still Alive...

Sorry folks, I didn't die. The starvation almost took me, but I survived the vegetarian diet. I just got back from a week at the Wildwood Music Institute thing. It was a lot of fun; I got to play in a bunch of ensembles, a woodwind quintet, and an orchestra among many other things (try 8 hours of playing each day). It was especially nice to be with others who were serious when playing, but geekishly dorky like me when they're not. It was a really cool experience, and I'm looking forward to going again. If I ever get around to it, I might post some mp3's.

Back here in reality, there's not much going on. LCLC Productions is announcing Re-Revolution coming soon. More details to come when we figure them out.

Just in case you were worried about the slowing of the earth's rotation, have no fear because an extra second will be added to 2005 to accommodate for that. I can just see the y2k mess starting all over again...

Depressed because there's not more Star Wars? Don't worry, not one, but two, Star Wars TV spin-offs are on the way.

This is the coolest pop-up you'll ever see. I'm still trying to figure how they made the window resize. You might have to do it in IE, and make sure you enable pop-ups temporarily if you have SP2 installed.

That's it for now...more shall come as soon as I'm bored enough to feel obligated to update.