Sunday, September 18, 2005

Driving School and 16 gig Flash Drives

Sounds like some sort of twisted horror movie.

Not too much new in my world. I had my first driving lesson last week. No casualties yet, so I guess I'm doing pretty good so far. My instructor guy was good ol' Bud at Adrian’s Driving School- the biggest dump on that side of Lancaster, but I'd never have it any other way. That place is pretty awesome (especially to a junk hoard like me).

School continues to play the wonderful part of Dante's Inferno on this rotating spherical habitat on which we reside. Homework arrives by the craploads, but it's all good. Not really, but oh well.

We had our first field show performance last week. "They" said it looked "good". There's room for me. I think our next performance is the exhibition show on the 24th.

16GB flash drives? Yup, Samsung is going to start shipping them next year.

The new i-pod nano is shipping. It's thinner than a pencil with 4GB of flash memory and a color screen. Not that I'm endorsing it or anything. Now with our 16GB flash drive (see above) we may see something every interesting in the future...

An 85 year old grandmother in Nebraska leapt out of a plane the other day. She kept her promise to sky dive on her 85th birthday. Wow. Let's just hope my grandma doesn’t get any ideas (those in my family are now cringing at the thought).

That's all for now folks.


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