Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm Back

We got back from Colorado a few days ago, and no, I did not go skiing. It was nice to relax, enjoy the sky and enjoy the music of the Aspen Music Festival. I got to hear Josh Bell play, and got him to sign a program, so that was pretty cool. Well, only 5 more months before more Colorado sky (and Grandma's food)...I can't wait.

Driving past Death Valley on the way home was a tad warm to say the least. Try 126° F. I have proof if you need it.

I picked up my copy of the 6th Harry Potter on Sunday and just finished reading it today. It was good, but definitely not my favorite. It was a little darker and had more "undesired fluff" than the previous five. I still can't believe what happened towards the end. For those yet to/still reading, prepare for some mourning. Overall I'd say it was pretty good.

On the LCLC front, we are, ah-hem, still working out some kinks. Stay tuned for more.

That’s it for now, but I'm dead bored so expect more soon.

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