Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All State Music

A while back I promised I'd post some of the music I played at All State. The CD came a few days ago, and I finally got it online, so here you go:

  1. George Washington Bridge- A long, very dissonant William Shuman piece.
  2. Contre Qui Rose- Another Morton Lauridsen (remember O Magnum Mysterium?). Uses the same harmonics, which I personally think sound really beautiful.
  3. Fanfare- The first of 4 movements we played from Shafer Mahoney's symphony for band.
  4. Blue- The second movement...there's a lot of nice blues chords.
  5. Clang- The "clanging" third movement.
  6. March- A very Copland sounding finale to our part of the concert.
Also, there was a neat piece the middle band played that I liked. It's by a guy out of LA named John Mackey. It's really cool...check out the Redline Tango.

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