Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter Break

It's amazing: three weeks off. Band, school, finals, and college apps (with the exception of a few things) are done. This whole "stress free" thing is really nice.

On a whim (and a random comment by Dr. Reti) I decided to make everybody at school pet rocks for Christmas. Thanks to my crafty mother, they all are outfitted with bows, hair, etc. Thanks to me they all have weird names.

That free time won't last long. Rose Parade practice starts up tomorrow and is nonstop until the 1st with the exception of the Dec 23-25. We set the block last week and unfortunately I'm not a center again this year, but one off to the right (closer to cameras at least). We're doing some good music and I encourage all to come to's pretty amazing/fun.

I saw a neat story the other day about a girl on a cruise who had appendicitis and needed an emergency appendectomy. Seeing as the ship was 500 miles offshore that was a problem, so the Navy flew her off the deck of the cruise ship to an aircraft carrier and the surgery was a success there. Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks to our wonderful war in Iraq and the wonderful political idiots running the county the new budget is complete- with deep cuts for scientific education and research. Way to go folks.

If you have 10 minutes, there's a pretty funny clip from Judge Judy about an eBay scammer. My favorite quote: "You may weigh more, but you're not going to be smarter than I am in one finger!" The plaintiff got scammed out of $400 in goods and gets a $5000 settlement. Sounds pretty good.

That's it for now...good luck on last minute Christmas shopping.

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Tiffany said...

woo! our winter break is filled with band!