Sunday, April 06, 2008

Chicago in 2 Days

We just have to survive two horrendous days of block scheduling and Wednesday morning we are off the Windy City. Highlights are to include an Air Force Academy concert, lots of city tours, Sears Tower, and lots of pizza. I'll be sure to inundate you with pics when we get back.

I heard from Pepperdine on Tuesday and I got in. The other night I got a phone call from their music department and they are apparently in need a of a clarinet player and it looks like I have $25000 there. That's a pretty sweet gig. I'm still waiting on CSULB and CLU for Prez info.

At school last week we had the Every 15 Minutes presentation. Every 15 minutes, a fake obituary was read of a student who "died" from a drunk driving accident. It was slightly eerie. Later in the day there was a mock accident that involved a Fire Department rescue. Also eerie but interesting.

Apple has threatened The Big Apple for use of an apple logo. Follow that? Anyway, it seems Jobs has gone a little overboard on this one.

The description on this picture says it all: a ridiculously epic snapshot.

On April 1 gmail introduced Gmail Custom Time so you can be on time, any time. It allows "any email you send to the past appears in the proper chronological order in your recipient's inbox." Sounds good to me.

That's it for now...I have some major reading to do.


Stutelberg Family said...

Have a great time in Chicago! Say hi to Karl's uncle while you are there. I'll be sure to call you and bug you at some point! Have I told you I think you are pretty awesome for getting that fat Pepperdine $$!! Have a great time on the trip. Eat a few pieces of pizza for me!

Peg said...

Hey Clark....congrats on Pepperdine! Have fun in Grandma Crane's old stomping grounds! Aunt Peg

Stutelberg Family said...

DUDE, I want to hear about Chicago...get busy posting some pics! Come on, it's not like you have anything else to do!! Karl leaves for Boston on Friday and I'm solo for 4 days...if you have a free moment stop by and say hi.