Sunday, October 26, 2008

Public Transit and Wayne Root

Yes, I know. It's been a couple weeks. I'm still trying to get the routine thing situated here.

School is going big complaints. There are a few papers due this week and some fairly big upcoming tests. I'm definitely keeping busy. There's a lot more reading and writing than I've ever dealt with before, but to be honest I don't mind it that much.

We had our "fall holiday" last Friday so I decided to go on a little adventure and see the folks down in Long Beach. The ride thing got really weird so I ended up taking three different buses (with So Cal's finest) to CSUN to meet up with Casey. It took about 2 hours to go 30 miles. It was definitely a good "experience" that I think all people should tackle at one point in their lives. Kemper and Jamie picked us up and we went down to hear Julian play with the Long Beach State Wind Symphony (not a bad performance...maybe more along the lines of amazing) and hang out for a while afterwards. We spent the night and headed home the next day. Pretty fun little trip.

For some strange reason, the Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, Wayne Root came to speak at CLU earlier this week. I sat in just for kicks and have to say that guy is pretty out there with some of his ideas. He expects to be in the White House in 16 years. No comment. I was definitely a minority in the crowd so keeping control of my facial expressions was fun. I picked up a pamphlet and button if anybody wants them.

Next time you buy some broccoli be sure to check for dirt and those pesky little human heads that seem to pop up everywhere.

A single freak lightening strike killed 52 cows in Uruguay last week. I now understand why you don't grasp onto metal fences during a lightening storm.

I can't leave you without posting some stupid political video, so here's the top 10 worst political ads of the season. You gotta wonder how a candidate scooping up dog poop in her backyard translates to political experience.

That's it for now, have a happy Halloween.


Em said...

Poor cows!

Also, what color is the button? I may want it. Only if no one else does but then again I'm probably the only Libertarian you know so I don't know how much competition I'd have.

Em said...

Psh. Don't Ha at me. What makes you think I'm not a Libertarian? In any case I'm certainly not a Democrat or a Socialist in fact I'm basically the opposite which is kinda of exactly like a Libertarian, kthanx.

Tiffany said...

Oh cool. The Libertarian candidate? I'm jealous. No one comes to Santa Monca... We do have a lot of Democratic booths (or whatever) set up, but buttons cost $2... I think. I'm jealous.

Cool beans. I'm jealous. I bet the Long Beach concert was awesome. :]

Em said...

Sheer and morbid?! That such is intense!!

Okay so my response was too long for I comment so posted a blog just to answer your question.

Two blogs for you in two days, feel special.

Also: you owe me Sonic fool.

Em said...

Well I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

So are you really voting for Barrack? I have to know.