Saturday, July 18, 2009

Off to Phoenix

It's only 112° right now...

For the next few days I'll be participating in the National Intercollegiate Band at the Arizona Biltmore. I auditioned on a whim a few months ago and was pretty surprised when I actually made it. It looks to be a really good experience (complete with the director of the President's Own and Mark Camphouse) and I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll get some pics and audio to share.

The past few weeks of summer have been pretty busy. To quickly sum, I've:
  • Made the annual Kling/Crane Dodger game excursion
  • Made the annual Stutelberg/Crane Dodger excursion
  • Witnessed 5 births including a C-section with twins (absolutely incredible!)
  • Moved my sister from Canyon Country to Acton with the help of Casey and Josh
  • Persuaded four other people to donate blood with me (you should too)
  • Completed a 5 week summer school term of Public Speaking and Spanish 102 (thankfully it's over)
  • Written letters and had petitions signed to the Governor and Mayor.
  • Seen the Monty Python musical Spamalot (very funny...definitely recommend)
  • Discovered an unknown function of the MacBook.
  • Hosted a surprise birthday party for Andrew LORDKEMPER.
I'm probably forgetting a few things, but you can tell it's been an action packed summer so far. I wish I had time to go more in depth on some things but maybe when I have some free time in the next couple of weeks I'll be inspired to share my wacky attempts at political involvement or innermost philosophical feelings on witnessing the miracle of life. Or something like that.

I should probably start packing so that's about all for now. I leave you with Obama and the "Mom Jeans" controversy.

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