Monday, June 28, 2004

Back to School

Well, back to school today (only this time at QHHS). Seems like we just got out for summer break. Wow, those amazingly long three days went fast.

As for yesterday, the Dodgers won 10-5 over the Angles, which is pretty cool because it ended a six game losing streak for LA. I also got to see Gagne close the game, which was really cool.

Today was the first day of 9th grade for a lot of us...Summer school. Joy. I'm Mr. Daniel's...and judging by Casey's mom's reaction of "OH NO, poor Clark!" that's not a good thing. But, he had to go to a funeral today, so we just watched some stupid movie about an anorexic cheerleader. That experience was quite deadly. I guess tomorrow he loads on the make-up work from last week, but that's tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about that until then. Oh well, I guess you can hear me complain about that later. Bye for now.

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