Saturday, June 26, 2004

Goodbye wires!

This afternoon, I finally convinced my parents to go 50/50 with me on a wireless network. I was tired of tripping over all of those stupid ethernet cables using the bathroom at 2am. We first came back with Microsoft's wireless g kit. Mistake. I should of thought of this: This is Microsoft we're talking about...what do they know about hardware?! So after 7 hours of trying to get the stupid thing to work (2 of them spent talking to Johan in India with Microsoft support, if there is one thing worse than the company being Microsoft itself, that's its tech support), I finally figured out that it was dropping the IP every five minutes. So, off it was to Best Buy again, this time to actually get something decent: a Linksys. Now we're talking. I got that sucker up in 15 min, working perfectly, and here I am.

Tomorrow, I'm going down to the Dodgers-Angles game with my dad, bro-in-law to be, and his dad. It'll be tough to decide who to root for. Oh well.

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