Tuesday, June 13, 2006

La Clase de Español

School gets out...and then starts again.

Spanish at AVC started today, and between the course itself and the people in the course it will be...well..."interesting." [EDIT: But, we also can't forget those who keep me company and are always filled with the hilariously witty and cynical comments that contribute to my summer sanity.] I have to admit, I don't mind it (yet). It's actually kind of nice to have something to do. In addition to the Spanish, I'm also taking First Aid & CPR and Intermediate Jazz Ensemble.

I couldn't contain my excitement last night after winning the Ebay bid on my new Eb clarinet. Even though I've never actually played one, it looked like too good of a deal to pass up. Within the next few weeks I should be in possession of Tiny Tim...a Leblanc Noblet Eb Clarinet (aged grenadilla wood, 14.85mm bore...all that good stuff you don't care about). So, needless to say, I am very happy.

If your fake government ID says you live on "123 Fraud Blvd" in "Tijuana, B.C." you can apparently stride right into the Homeland Security offices. Maybe stuff like that will work for the required ID's we have to wear at school next year.

This is a cool little site that will let you listen to practically every radio station in the world. It's a pretty nice little find.

I was browsing though YouTube and came across this old Screen Savers clip of Leo and Pat overclocking a P4 with liquid nitrogen coolant. Maybe if I get really bored this summer...

Google released a new beta of Google Earth yesterday. It has a ton of updated imagery (including the AV). It's a nice, beefy update, but beware bugs and don't even try if you have under 512MB ram.

I find this just plain amusing: Some geek out there (like me) developed a ring tone that is inaudible to adults. The purpose: texting in school...and the teacher can't even hear it. It is a high pitched "buzz" that can only be heard by kids because adults lose the ability to hear high pitched noises as the ear ages. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

“Interesting”? I beg your pardon?!

What about those of us that keep you company and are always filled with the hilariously witty and cynical comments, ah? Why not mention their contribution to your summer sanity? Aac.


To whom is my concern:

Savvy- shrewdness and practical knowledge; to understand something, especially what somebody has said.
Savey- Is not a word.
(Please not take this the wrong way; I’m not trying to be rude.)

Clark said...

I made sure to edit and mention those brave souls (see above).


But I'm kind of lost...where did th whole "savvy" lecutre come from?

Anonymous said...

Ummm thats where I come in...I can't really spell at all. Sorry about that!