Sunday, June 04, 2006

Section Leader!

The Band Banquet was Tuesday night, and if you read last week's comments (or just read the title of this post) you probably realized I made clarinet section leader for next year. Although unexpected, it's still pretty exciting. Despite dealing with some "issues" (gotta love band drama), I guess I'm looking forward to it although it will be a new and challenging experience. The rest of the banquet was good with the wonderful mixed aromas of a potluck, the video which was awesome (as usual), and it was just neat to see the year pull to a nice close. We're doing a Zorro show next year (you can listen to it here) so that will be pretty cool.

Only one week to go...then school's out! I can't wait....I just have to survive through finals this week and then we're home free...until band camp at least. Summer will be so nice...except for the heat. It's already 100° outside. Ugh.

On kind of a cool note, the QHHS Rebel baseball team took home the CIF-Div. 3 championship yesterday. They are the first ever from the Valley to do that's kind of cool. It would have made it even better if they didn't play "Take me out to the ball game" every passing period.

The Windows Vista sneak preview of the week: Only seven simple steps to simply delete a file! Oh boy...that should be fun! Hopefully they get that fixed, because I'm already dreading having to give Windows "permission" every five minutes.

Cool videos for the week:
An amazing hole in one...I had to watch that a few times to believe it. Too bad stuff like that never happens to me (not that I've been golfing in the past 4 years).
I haven't been flying remote control airplanes either, but this is some pretty awesome piloting.

That's if for now...I'm off to go cram for Chem.

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