Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Hope everybody enjoyed their day off.

Well, only 9 days (and 5 finals) to go. We finished filming how to make "los tacos pecadillos" today for Spanish...and that was quite interesting. So if you ever want to know how to make "sinful tacos," and happen to speak really bad Spanish, let me know and I'll get you a copy.

Matt was baptized on Saturday.
We went down to Vegas (on Memorial Day you can imagine how fun the traffic was), and saw a whole bunch of cool people I haven't seen in a while (and realized my readership here extends farther than I thought). There's a pic of everybody to the left, and there should be more on my flickr soon (I exceeded the limit for the month...woops). All in all,it was pretty cool, and, as I have said many times before, Matt is awesome.

If you're ever possessed to make a jumping spider out of dollar bills, here you go. It does cost 5 dollars, though (the spider...not the website).

If you have enough time to make spiders, check out this online custom font maker. You can even submit your own font for download (assuming you had the time to create it...which I really hope nobody normal does).

Windows Vista is inching closer to shipping. Here's the latest on the Beta 2 features.

Here's a nice little article taking about how the iPod rules the world (not really). It goes into the "You can have anything you like so long as it's Apple" idea, and is an interesting little read. I'll stick with my H10, thanks.

A student in Pennsylvania was suspended for giving another student caffeinated chewing gum. Huh? It's gum people...what makes it so different from soda? Please.

That's it for now...I'll be back (on time) next week.


Anonymous said...

You Rock My Socks OFF!!! Congrats on SL! 32 clarinets all to yourself hahaha have fun pulling your hair out. I’m kidding you’ll do great!

Ps $15 for me bawhahaha who’s intuitive? That would be me!

Clark said...


Ugh. What did I get myself into???

jk...yeah, its pretty cool. Thanks-
Now I gotta go find $15 for Ms. Intuitive...

Anonymous said...

Hey Clark!!!
Yes, I am reading your website... interesting eh? (btw, this is Tiffany... in your section...yeah) Anyways, congrats on getting section leader... like Emily said 32 clarinets... ALL TO YOUR SELF!!! haha, and I'll be included in that. :] Have fun! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, sry about the weirdish "cootie catcher" today in line for the art thingy. By the way, I never congradulated you on making Section Leader! Congrats! Hey if you are ever board this site, , will keep you entertained for HOURS! Anywho, talk to you later,