Sunday, May 14, 2006

It feels like Summer

It's currently 94°... and rising. High next week? Near 100°.
It's not supposed to do that so soon. Oh well. Look at the bright just means school is inching closer and closer to ending.

Call me crazy, but I signed up for summer school (sort of). At this point I'm doing Spanish at AVC (to get a 3rd year in the easy way...or is it really that easy? Anyways...), and maybe Psychology. On top of that I'll probably be taking an EMT-B course through ROP (just for the heck of it...I know, kind of random, but why not?) in addition to working on computers and hopefully teaching clarinet. I also just got a membership to 24 Hour Fitness today, so that will be nice considering I can't really run on my stupid hip.

Our last band concert of the year was on Thursday. I played in Symphonic and Wind Ensemble, and both sounded pretty good. Concert Band, to put it as my dad said, sounded a little anemic. It was sad to see the seniors at their last concert, and as always, that bittersweet feeling knowing the year is nearly over sunk in.

Well, next week at this time I'll probably have my license...not by choice. I go for my drive test on Saturday bright and early at 8 am. I'm not really looking forward to it, although I guess it might be nice. I'd say I was nervous, but to be honest, I'm really not.

Remember the finger in the chili? Well, now we get an human arm in the sewer. What's next?

Here's a clip of a guy trying to steal some woman's purse from an elevator. Needless to say, he fails.

Are we going to use sewage for electricity? Something actually beneficial may come of that...stuff.

I'm off for now, until next week-

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