Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Passed?!

Well, I have my license now. I can actually legally drive. Probably a very disturbing thought/reality for many of you (myself included). I got 4 "errors" on the drive test, and you can get up to 15 (except for the auto-fail stuff). Like everybody says, the feeling is just kind of "weird." Just thought you all ought to know so you can keep an eye out and duck for cover if needed.

Matt came up this weekend! Oh..yeah, Andi and Karl, too. He's doing good, and he's a really cool little dude. It was definitely one of my weekly highlights to see him in person for the first time.

I saw Streetlight Manifesto and The Aquabats play in Lancaster on Thursday. Now that the tinnitus has worn off, I must say it was pretty awesome. It was cool...I have to say that Streetlight was the definite highlight. The Aquabats were pretty funny, too. Despite the cramped bar corridors and some of the unique ska fans we tend to attract in the good 'ol AV, it was a really good show.

Only 3 weeks of school left! Time flies when you're procrastinating on prepping for finals.

In case you've ever been inspired to hollow out a light bulb, here you go. If I get bored enough this summer I might give it a try.

While watching the Napoleon Dynamite outtakes this weekend, Karl showed me this clip. It's the "evolution" of dancing as demonstrated by one guy from the times of Elvis to now.
By the way, if you want any 1961 Topps baseball cards in the next day or so, there's this really good seller on ebay you should check out...
(I should get some commssion for that plug, Karl)

You have to check out this interactive mosaic thing. Just keep zooming in...and in...and in. It's pretty insane.

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