Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Countdown Begins...

Only 24 days and counting until summer...

Wow, this has been a pretty busy week. I don't think there was one day I got home before 8. It really starts picking up this time of year. Finals are fast approaching, but at least the year is almost over, as short as it seemed (to me at least).

There are a few New York pics up on my Flickr, but I have a 20mb upload limit, so I could only upload a few. If I'm feeling ambitious I'll get some more up on another host soon.

Last weekend I went to the LA Times Festival of Books with my sister and her husband. It was huge and pretty cool, but to really get anything out of it you need a plan (which we, of course, didn't have). I even got to meet Tim Meadows from SNL and *shivers*...Dr. Laura. As scary as that was, it was still kinda cool.

A guy in Florida is currently living with no heart. Pretty freaky, but true. It's even weirder that he's stable, alert, and talking.

It was bound to happen sometime...a bum got stuck in a garbage truck. Well, at least he wasn't arrested for randomly licking people's feet.

Apparently Steven Colbert was quite the Bush-bashing hit at the White House Correspondents' dinner last week. I still haven't had time to watch the whole thing, but Colbert, as always, is pretty hilarious.

That's all for now...I'm off to play with Google's new SketchUp.


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