Sunday, July 16, 2006

150th Post

Already at post number 150...that's about three years. Wow. I need to get a life.

Sorry for the lack of an update this past week. You would think that a lazy summer would render me bored enough to have an urge to update, but apparently that's not the case. Part of it being that this summer is not really "lazy" between 3 classes at AVC, music, hospital, and all that other good stuff. And the other part being that the new computer arrived and I've been "busy" playing with all the new little gadgety bells and whistles (this thing is pretty awesome).

I started the volunteering thing at the hospital on Friday. I'm working in the pharmacy with some interesting folks who have really no idea what to do with me, but so far they've kept me busy. The extent of my job basically boils down to stalking drugs. Fun stuff (besides the little tiny ID numbers that are impossible to read, yet vital to stalking the heavy brown IV filled boxes in the correct spot). So yeah, it's all good I guess. For those of you still wondering why I'm even doing this in the first place, I'm still trying to figure that out myself, but I've come up with two decent reasons: (1) It's a good experience (lame, I know, but hey it works), and (2) It looks killer on a resume.

Other than that there's not too much new to report in my life. Just the same old Summer goodness. I got the QHHS registration packet thing in the mail last week...that's always depressing.

This is a pretty cool little video where a couple of skaters with green boards edited out the borads on the video, so it kind of looks like they're "floating." Pretty cool stuff.

From the Daily WTF, here's some "pop-up potpourri." It's a compilation of some pretty funny thisisbroken style messages.
^3 links in two sentences! I'm getting pretty good.

The RIAA has lost! The RIAA has lost!
Well, at least one lawsuit. It's about time.

Got a headache? Just ask Dr. Google. A few days ago a blogger wrote an article entitled "Dear Google, You’re Giving Me a Headache," so what did Google do? Send him some pain relief, of course! Hey Google, can you send me some cash?


Anonymous said...

Yeah Clark you really don’t have a life! I mean why do you even get up in the morning? All you have is collage, dealing w/ thirty-some-odd clarinets, the hospital, music, family, friends, and so on. Just kick the bucket right now because that’s not a life at all.

See ya tomorrow, that is if you don’t stick your head in an oven before then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clark. Have I missed any sectionals??? Keep me updated on whats going on... having fun with the thirty-some-odd clarinets??? (minus one... as far as I know... that would be me... lol) Talk to you later.

Clark said...

Thanks for the kind always.

You have't missed any...yet. There's one planned for Monday, and we'll be sure to have a moment of silence for you since you can't be there.


Anonymous said...

You`re probably glad that I won`t be there to somehow make you mad... lol. good luck.