Sunday, September 10, 2006

Introducing The Donut Bacon Cheeseburger!

Now, doesn't that look appetizing.
Don't forget to wash it down with some deep fried coke.

Now that you are thoroughly sick to your stomach (with disgust or hunger?), we can move on. Last week was pretty nice in terms of school (or lack thereof), Monday off, short Wednesday, short Thursday, and the normal Happy Friday. I'm afraid this week won't be quite as short and sweet, but I'm sure we'll live.

This coming Friday is the first home football game, and Saturday is the annual QH Field Preview Show. Despite the fact we lack uniforms and 2/3 of the field show (and probably will acquire neither by Friday), it should still be pretty cool. It's marching season again!

Just for clarification: the picture above my name at the top of the page is not me. It's Matt. I know there was a bit of confusion there, so I hope that clears it up.

Here's some pretty cool paper cut art. I've never really seen anything like it has to be pretty time consuming, but looks really cool.

The next huge fad: light emitting shirts. Those look pretty awesome, except Wired says you have to carry a battery back around. Anyway, the idea is interesting...I wonder if it will ever take off.

If the thought of deep fried cola didn't make you dizzy enough, here's a site with a bunch of different optical illusions. A good time waster.

That's it for now...go find yourself one of those delectable 1000 calorie donut bacon cheeseburger.

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