Monday, September 04, 2006

Life on the Trolley

I write as I prepare to embark on my 4th AV Fair Trolley experience this year. Yes, 4. Don't ask me how, but I'll soon be beginning trolley hour number 10. The previous 9 have been fairly uneventful with only one security "incident" (sort of). Other than that it was a pretty normal week: school, band, homework, and sleep (if I'm lucky). This coming week should be pretty school Monday (happy Labor Day folks), and short days Wednesday and Thursday. Nice.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin. Early this morning, the one and only "Crocodile Hunter" was killed doing what he loved best...chasing dangerous animals. He truly loved what he did, it's a shame.

Talk about modern art: "99 Wolves Crashing into a Wall" was put on display in Berlin. The 99 life size wolves follow the pack into a glass wall. Interesting.

Along with many reasons you will never find me on a carnival/fair ride (ahem...carnies), here's just one more. This is a video of a kid almost falling off one of those "ejection seat" type rides. As he's being held on by his chin, the lady next to him looks over and starts laughing. At least he didn't actually fall off.

Finally, our stupid person of the week. What do you do when your Western Bacon Cheese burger isn't made correctly? Call 911 of course. Some people in this world amaze me. Well handled by the call taker.

Off I go to ride a trolley!


Anonymous said...

Hey Clark!
Hm, that security "incident" isn't the one with that one guy... uhm, yeah? In other words, was I there when this happened? Well, hopefully your week will be fun. :)

Clark said...

Yeah it was that guy...
"This ain't no ride!"


Anonymous said...

That was prett any other interesting happen on the trolly that i don't know about?