Sunday, August 27, 2006


Matt and the crew (that would be Karl, Andi, Weeze, Jon, my Dad, and me) saw the band Train open the fair Friday night (ok, maybe Matt didn't go, but the "crew" did). It was a really cool show, but it was too bad that there we're a lot of empty seats. On the other hand I guess it was good for us because we could spread out a little bit and attempt to avoid some of our overexcited "AV's finest." I took about 120 pics, but being it an outdoor concert setting only about 10 turned out. I'd upload more to my fickr, but I already busted my bandwidth limit.

Band marched in the AV Fair Parade on Saturday. I think it's better known as the "AV Fair Death Walk/Run (or swim towards the sweat)." It was really hot. And early. But other than that it turned out pretty good.

Thought your myspace was as safe as it gets, just because your little profile is "private?" Think again. Not that this is anything new, but its just another one of my disgruntled attacks on social networking.

In the midst of the Global Warming craze, here's something on the other side that you never saw coming: Global Cooling has begun. Probably just about as accurate as myspace is safe, but an interesting read regardless.

Here's an old clip from that show Family Feud. I see it on TV sometimes, and some of the responses are so stupid I wonder how those people actually make it on TV. This clip is great; the host loses it and even asks the lady how she made it on the show. Gotta love Family Feud.

That's it for now...I'm going to go enjoy my free Starbucks.

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