Sunday, August 13, 2006

Band Camp

QH band camp was this last week. It went pretty good...we got 7 moves of the show down. The whole experience was about as exciting as 8 hours in the heat of day attempting to help the "unteachable misfits" (not my verbiage) can get. Life as a section leader is nothing too exciting either, unless you consider getting there early, leaving late, and staying up late highlighting and working out the charts exciting. Fun stuff. Back to it tomorrow!

I went to Wildwood again this year (hence the lack of updates the past couple weeks). Despite the vegan diet, rat infested cabins, and a few maturity lacking young musicians, it was pretty fun. It was cool to see some old faces and have the opportunity to play in some different groups (band, orchestra, woodwind quintet, duet, and clarinet choir...with the Eb!). If you're lucky I'll post the mp3's when I get them (if I remember).

My Dad, Karl, Jon and I went to a Dodgers/Nationals game last Saturday. Now that they're actually starting to win again, it was pretty cool. A Dodger game followed by Philipp' was a lot of fun.

Any day is a good day to bash the RIAA. Here's a list of some of the weird/hypocritical/just plain stupid things they do and some not so shocking statistics.

This is a pretty cool site if you're in need of wallpaper. It has thousands of free high res images. Too bad there's no need for backgrounds around here since there's Matt around.

It's a time machine for water called the Time Fountain. I won't even try to explain how it works, because frankly, I have no idea. It just looks cool.

There's a new record for speeding tickets out: Try 70 tickets in 5 months. That's gonna get pretty expensive.

Well, as painful as it is to say, school starts tomorrow. I must go mentally/physically (i.e. finish the summer reading) prepare myself and try to enjoy the few remaining hours of summer.


Anonymous said...

"maturity lacking young musicians"? Ouch. I guess I'd rather fall under that minority than be considered "taciturn" was people such as them that made camp somewhat interesting.

Holly (and yes, now that school has started, I have remembered how to spell my name...)

Anonymous said...


Holly you’re pretty freakin’ funny.

And Clark by taciturn I think she means you, nah Holly would never say anything mean to you. However I would but I wouldn’t say taciturn exactly more like reserved except for when you’re scolding the clarinets for making lines instead of curves.

~A very amused Em