Thursday, December 21, 2006

AV3 News


Josh K. said...

Cool! although I never saw it on the news...
It sounded great! All of you looked nervous though... of course I probably would've been nervous also.
well congrats on that! soon you all will be famous and stuff... well it could happen...

Clark said...

I'm glad you thought it sounded good...I don't think those looks were nerves, but more of disgust. None of us thought it sounded too hot, but thanks anyway. Famous? On AV3? Yeah...right.
Have a happy Christmas-


Josh K. said...

Hey you never know... next is city news, then state news, then country news, and world news! You gotta think positive... well im not sure how hot music sounds, but it was definitely better than what every other high school student in the AV could do. besides you could always blame it on the cheap sound equipment of the local news.
-Merry Christmas to you also-

sheena said...

Hey Clark,

I hear you are famous? thats pretty tight. Going international are we?......have a joyous you and josh...oh yeah and happy new year to you also...heh dont party too much...jk

Anonymous said...

I hope we didn't discourage and frighten away those enthusiastic fans of the Rose Parade who were actually going to watch it.

Wow. It's funny how T.V. brings out the best in everyone.

Happy Holidays


p.s. What the heck was that guy from Knight doing in the backgound? He seemed a bit...yeah.

Anonymous said...

Woah. I think I just some how managed to leave like 2 nearly idential "comments".

This isn't the first time it's happened. Patience, will take like another 5 years for me to figure this system out.