Saturday, December 16, 2006

Winter Break

I guess I'm a little past due on a post. I apologize for the delay; stuff was really getting busy. Hopefully this will make up for it.

It's finally winter break, so there is 3 weeks of freedom ahead. That will be really nice. There is still T of R, so we get to look forward to marching in circles for hours on end. Apparently I'm the tallest clarinet so I get center guide. The odd thing is that I happen to be the shortest center guide. Oh well. Just watch channel 5 (locally) towards the middle of the parade for PCC and the person behind the Goliath trumpet player in the center is... me!

Apparently the 16 of us T of R folks from around here are getting a little press. There should be a piece running in the AV Press soon (I'll post it when it runs) and we have an interview scheduled for good 'ol AV3 news. So if you're home Monday morning around 9:30, watch channel 3. Or don't. It's up to you.

Finals were last week. Everything went pretty decently. The cat test for anatomy was a tad moldy but otherwise cool. Honor band auditions were on Thursday as well. I didn't feel to hot right after the audition (the sight reading was a bit impossible) but apparently I did pretty well getting first chair again. Everybody else (Julian, Tani, Holly, Shivani, Tiffany, etc) was right up there to so that's cool.

This has to be one of the coolest videos of all time (with the exception of the one posted above). This dude plays music by rolling by stationary bottles on roller blades. Pretty awesome. I should try that. Then again with my balance I'd probably fall on the bottles.

These are pictures of the most unusual buildings. Some look photoshoped, but I believe these are genuine. Interesting.

Be glad you weren't in Taiwan recently when a dead whale exploded all over the street. I'm sure that was a very pleasant experience for observers. I wasn't aware that whales actually exploded, but I'll keep that in mind.

A few weeks back we brought you Will it Blend? Marbles! Here is a new segment: Will it Blend? I pod! One question: Why?

That's it for now...I think I'm going to go take a nap.


sheena said...

Perhaps there was a nuclear bomb in the whale. Hey you never know.

Congrats on first chair. I hear a lot of QHHS people made it in too.

My computer is very slow, which disables me to watch the videos posted. Im sorry too. Well im going to sleep. Bye.

Karl said...

Thanks for makes my weekend! Good luck with all the marching! We can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Warning...Matt is now mobile so nothing is safe!! Talk to you later.

Tiffany said...

Wow, you finally updated. jk. Hm, seems like we have no winter break thanks to T of R... or maybe thats just me. I still don't understand how I'm next to you (the center guide) if I'm like one of the shortest (but not the shortest person) in our section. Well, w/e. I hope you enjoy your week off (minus Friday) I gotta go and memorize Star Spangled Banner.

Clark said...

Yeah, I finally did update. I still don't know how I'm the center guide considering I'm the shortest center but oh well. I think our "section leader" is kinda...out there.

A nuclear whale? Wow.

Matt is mobile? Awesome! Does he talk yet?


josh k. said...

yea.. good stuff.
anyways, congrats on the first chair! It was cool to tell all of my LnHS friends that I knew the first chair for distict honor band. and the second, third, etc.
cool moldy cats, I remember Mrs. Nichter stitching up one of the cats throats for some reason... she let me touch the cats paw and tounge, and they were cold(ish).
Oh by the way I never did see that thing on channel 3 that you were talking about... but that was probably my fault seeing as I was sleeping at the time.
anyways i hope you enjoy your break, or whatever you can manage to enjoy of it. -Josh-