Sunday, February 11, 2007

Countdown to All State

Only 3 days until game time...

We leave about noon on Thursday. I'm kinda of nervous/excitied. I tried to bust out all the scales (majors + melodic minors) followed by the full piece and I realized I'm a bit out of shape when it comes to the Mozart, but I should be ready by Thursday.

The Grace recital festival thing was yesterday. I did a solo, duet and trio and they all turned out pretty decent despite the light, or lack thereof. I'm also busy picking things for Solo & Ensemble in March so it seems all I've been doing lately is practicing.

The AV Press ran a photo of us honor band folks on Friday. Apparently they're doing a feature thing in the AV Lifestyle magazine coming out on the 22nd (hey something seems familiar about that day...oh that's right, its George Washington's birthday), so I'll post that when it comes out.

It rained last night which was quite needed and nice. Unfortunately it wasn't a "good" rain but nonetheless it was rain. I wish it would rain more often. I like that "suicide weather" as my father so wonderfully puts it.

Test your reaction time by tranquilizing sheep. It's quite entertaining. My average time is 0.2038 seconds (without coffee). If you give it a try it's probably smart to keep the sound off. Those "sheep" are quite annoying.

There are either really clever or really stupid people out there who make these signs. It's just a various collection of funny signs from around world.

Microsoft has a list of recommended basic music making software for your PC (note the "PC" part). At the bottom: Garage Band. That's real logical. Good move.

By the way, I hope everybody has a joyous Valentine's day in a few days. I think I'm going to join the 3% of Americans who give their pets a Valentine.

Well, I need to go practice/pack...see you next week.


Tiffany said...

Hey Clark!

Sounds like you've got a busy week ahead of you. Well congrats again for making ALL STATE! You're amazing. :] Isn't Feb 22 also your birthday?

The Grace thing was weird. I sounded pretty bad (serious lighting problems...) but you sounded great with the solo, duet, and trio.

Well, have a great 3 day weekend (or whatever's left of it!)


Clark said...

Yeah it is a pretty insane week. My birthday on Feb 22? Yeah it's somthing like that.

The Grace thing was pretty cool. You did a nice job.

Have a Happy Day-


Josh k said...

That "sheep" game is really fun ... and it's nice to know that not a single sheep was injured during the process
yeah, your birthday was on the board along with Michelle's birthday on the 23...
my sisters was today, if you care, and hers is also on a presidents birthday.
Have fun at the All-State thing


Tiffany said...

Hey Clark!
I just wanted to say... Good Luck at All State!!! Hope you have a great time! :]

Andi said...

Hope ALL STATE went is about 6:30 on Sun I sent you good luck thoughts earlier. See ya this weekend, Have a good week.
PS For anyone else who may read this...YES, Clark's birthday is FEB 22!!!!

Sheena said...

Hi. How are you?

that's the address to a picture of Sqeaky,your squirrel.If you dont remember who Sqeaky was just type the address in and it will proabably ring a bell.

Clark said...

It's Sqeaky!!