Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!


Rae said...

i don't like they way "Punxsutawney" is spelled.
It should be more phenitic.
Huh, that word is kind of oxymoronish.
if Phenitic was spelled phenitcally, then it would be "finetically"

I'm offically re-spelling "Punxsutawney". I say its offical because its going to be on you blog.

Poxatani Phil

that was kind of a long comment.
sorry :]

Josh k said...

I like how "punxsutawney" is spelled. It shows his sence of individuality, I congragulate all groundhogs as they deserve it for all their hard work... without them imagine how un-groundhoggish America would be!

...Hey, is there such a thing as a "platypus day?" or is that only in Australia? I think those animals are funny (in a good way)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
I will not be upgrading to Linux any time soon because, hmm..

I discovered the problem. It was my dad, the fiend, who switched it. He was tinkering with my start up options in an attempt to prove to me that 256mb of Ram is enough for my laptop to run smoothly. (That is why I can't upgrade to Linux.)

Do you honestly think that if I switched to Linux that all my problems would be solved?
Knowing me, I'd probably screw my Buttercup up more. And, if nothing else, I will have to show my mom how to use Linux which would ultimately make my head explode.
Although, if I get more ram by college I might switch for the big University. Did you just get your jollies?


By the way, my desktop allows me to use anonymous. !!

How dare you suggest I switch to mac?
I would never sell out, nor commercialize myself to such an atrocious extent.
I'm offended, and I thoroughly bite my thumb in your direction according to yahoo! maps.
Now, I have reason for the plot I concocted on Friday.