Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daily News


Rae said...

so you were interviewed!

you lied!
don't beat me up!

Clark said...

When did I say that?

Bekka Booser said...

Any idea how my printer spooler got switched to manual without my consent?
I asked Isaac today but he was unable to answer me without going off on how much Windows sucks.
Any ideas?

Clark said...

The printer spooler is set to manual by default in Windows 9x, ME and XP SP1. If you upgraded to SP2, which I'm sure you probably have, it should be set to automatic by default. The only reason I could think of that would trigger a switch would be some kind of printer malfunction (or a really greedy app…install anything new lately?) that freaked Windows out. That's a little far fetched so who knows. Upgrade to Vista, buy a Mac, or better yet switch to Linux and all your problems will be solved.


Rae said...

You said that yesterday.
Then again, you seemed a little dazed...

remember now?