Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Hate Being Sick

The title says it all. It's absolutely amazing how much snot the human body can produce. I was forced to take the day off, so at least I get a chance to catch up here.

Marching in the Rose Parade was an incredible experience. I have never done anything like that before; there were 1.3 million people lined up on Colorado Blvd, not to mention the 140 million others watching at home. Making that turn from Orange Grove to Colorado was simply astounding. There were people and cameras everywhere (I've never seen grandstands that high), and by everywhere I mean left, right, up and down (yes, there was a camera dude kneeling between ranks). It was an incredible experience and I'm looking forward to doing it next year.

The TV coverage was really good. Since we were the host band for the parade, KTLA did a three minute feature on us which was really cool. You can see just about everybody from QH. I also finally uploaded the article from the AV Press.

The day after the parade, my dad and I flew out to Colorado and met up with the rest of the family. We had a great time as usual, and even Matt was getting a tad vocal (at 2am…but it’s all good). I got three days and 30 runs of skiing in, so that was nice also. On the last day there was a foot and a half of fresh powder; I've skied in powder, but nothing like was pretty cool.

All Southern auditions were on Sunday also (getting the picture why I'm sick yet? I haven’t exactly had time to rest). I think I did fairly decent, but it's hard to tell. The sight-reading was a little bugger, but other than that there were no critical errors or anything. Results should be in today or tomorrow (for All State too) so I'll keep you posted.

Steve Jobs in his usual formal attire of blue jeans and a ratty t-shirt announced the new name of Apple Inc. and the new iPhone to his scores of very loyal (and loud) fans. The iPhone looks pretty cool...the specs are pretty heavy duty, as is the price: $499.

Google Earth v. 4 was officially released yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet, but it looks pretty neat.

Live at the WIRED NextFest in New York City, an Infrared X-ray Machine displays your vessels and muscle directly on top of your skin by just moving your body under the beam. Pretty cool stuff.

Well, my nose is beginning to drip again, so I think I'm going to go pop a Sudafed and take another nap.

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