Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rhapsody in Blue

The past few weeks have been quite eventful. I'll try to sum it up in a nutshell.

Two weeks ago I completed my final inauguration into bells; the 8 hour Easter Spectacular. Ok, maybe it's not called "spectacular" but it wasn't as boring as I expected. It was actually pretty tiring. I came home and crashed. "Spring Day" was nice...as pointless as it was, but hey, I'm not arguing with a day off. Weezie's (Luke's?) shower was this last Saturday. Some of these strange rituals baffle me. Anyway, our house was transformed into day care for a few hours while we smelled diapers and drank beer from bottles (ok, I just took pics on that one) and I recovered from the ACT that morning. Fun stuff.

Sunday, McQ took a van down the the Cerritos Center to see the USC Pops concert. It was pretty cool...they did a full Gershwin program and had some pretty good talent there. Towards the end the marching band came out and did their thing.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week we have the wonderful STAR testing. Somehow after the SAT and ACT, the STAR just doesn't have the same excitement. Oh well.

We've all seen those fast food ads on TV around 6pm and go, "wow I could really go for that right now." Well, the actual product differs from the ad. Welcome to fast food reality.

You thought my collection of computer junk was bad...check out some true examples of geek culture.

This picture is a tad freaky. Look at the faces sitting where you are, then back up about 8 steps. Hmm...interesting.

If there were anything that can be described as both awesome and worthless it is without a doubt a cat.

Toilets should not catch on fire. It is a very simple concept...it's just something that shouldn't happen. But of course, you can never trust those Japanese (I'm just awaiting the comment...bring it on).

Well I better go rest up for another "strenuous" day of testing. Have a Happy Week.

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Em said...

That whopper still looks yummy to me. Maybe I'm just hungry, yeah that's probably it.