Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring Break

Yeah, I know, I took a week off. Sorry.

Well Spring Break is...just about gone. It was nice while it lasted. The break started with Science Olympiad with JW (QH had a team and a participation ribbon, JW got 3rd) and although we didn't do anything overly exciting it was a good day. Later that night was AVSOMC who played Brahms 3...good stuff. Dr. Price had some pretty amazing stuff going there. So that was my 21 hour Saturday.

The rest of the week was college tour, another college tour, yet another college tour, and you get the idea. I think we did seven total. That's a lot. While I didn't find "the school of my dreams" I did fine some I definitely want to stay away from, so I guess that's progress. After USC (and a Pete Carroll sighting), CSULB, Pomona College, UCR, UCI, CSUF, and Pepperdine I came to the general conclusion that you get what you pay for. I also discovered that just about every school is "ranked number 3 in safety." Funny how that works.

Sporting amazing new products such as the WiiHelm and the Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter, Thinkgeek reminds us it is that wonderful day of the year known as April Fools Day. So go out and buy your Inhalable Caffeine Stix before it's too late.

Google has announced a new program offering FREE in-home wireless broadband internet. The technology of this blows my mind, but I'm going to definitely try it out. Karl sent me the link and I'm not sure if he's up and running yet, but we're both really excited. Google scores once again.

On that same note, Leo Laporte announced TWIT has sold to G4. It's about time.

Americans amaze me. If you've ever asked the question "why are we the fattest nation?" Well, here's your answer.

JibJab released a new video poking fun at the media. It's a pretty funny watch, but while I watching it I couldn't help thinking...sad but true.

I'm off to go enjoy the remaining hours of spring break being lazy.


Shivani said...

good college choices! ahaha.. usc is my top choice.. pomona i loved but they dont really have engineering (and i got wait listed anywyas), irvines a good one and pepperdines really pretty! i approve ahaha

Bekka Booser said...

Just to let you know, I'm pretty sure that Google's free wireless was yet another April Fools as well...if you read the linguistics...Flushing fiber into a toilet?
Anyway, I was wondering what your opinon on USC was. When I went with NHS I was not thrilled to any vast extent. So Yup.

Joey Infortuno said...

Thanks for linking What We Call The News !!! -- JibJab Team