Sunday, March 18, 2007

Six for Six

Those of you who told me I was crazy for doing 6 things at Solo/Ensemble, I now agree with you. That was pretty insane. Just imagine my shock in the morning when I found out that the three of my AM performances got Command Performance. Now imagine my shock that afternoon when I discovered that all six of the day's performances got CP's. Yeah, that's a lot of playing and luck). Try 14 times (the judge wanted his wife to hear the duet with Tani and the duet with Becca). As fun as it was, it was equally exhausting. I was beat at the end of the day.

This past week has been pretty nuts. Whether it was the 5 minute stomach flu on Tuesday or the discovery of Viral Keratitis on Wednesday, God apparently didn't want me at school either days (At least I got my Holocaust Arts/Lit Competition piece done). As for my eyes, I'll be on ophthalmic steroids and without contacts for another few weeks until this stuff clears up. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

For the fist time in the history of the show, there was a three-way tie on Jeopardy last Friday. Check out the video (link compliments of Karl)'s pretty cool. I guess great minds do think alike.

For the Jerry Seinfeld fans out there, here is a compilation of the top 30 funniest Seinfeld quotes.

There are always those photos out there that were snapped at exactly the right moment. Some of these are funny, others "wowish," but in each of them somebody with a camera got lucky.

Donald Trump is an idiot, but says some fairly accurate things. He appeared on CNN bashing Bush the other day. I'll post the link to the video, but that's all I'll say before I get in trouble.

I hope everybody had a Happy St. Patty's day filled with corned beef and cabbage. Good stuff.

Well, I'm off to the Wonderful World of Homework.

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Tiffany said...

Hm, you are crazy, but you're a good clarinet player. Congrats on your 6 CPs. :]