Sunday, March 11, 2007


This week marks the first year of life for Matthew Stutelberg. In celebration, his birthday party was earlier today (Sunday). There are some pretty cool pics (more coming soon) of the whole cake thing. As Karl’s friend Ron put it, we Americans are extremely strange with our bizarre customs for first birthdays. Needless to say Matt preformed perfectly by smearing his cake in all possible places with an astonished look on his face at this new treat of ice cream.

After I completed four hours of standardized anguish that is better known as the SAT on Saturday, we left for Vegas. Upon arrival we took a quick power nap at my sisters before departing for Treasure Island (yes, we decided to battle the strip) and in a three-way birthday present saw the original Vegas Cirque Du Soleil, Mystère. Before the show starts, one of the “clowns” poses as an usher, leading people to wrong seats, throwing popcorn around, etc. Well, my mom, dad and I happened to be in the opportune position to get showered with three buckets of popcorn as this guy attempted to balance them on the head of the person next us before proceeding to kick the stack our direction…on to us. Ever had a bucket of popcorn down your back? Fun stuff…at least the audience thought so.

Anyways, the show can be summed up in two words: simply amazing. The agility, precision, dexterity, teamwork, and astounding strength of those artists was simply incredible. Vegas didn’t disappoint; that was probably one of the best 120 minutes of entertainment I’ve experienced. So if you’re ever off to Vegas you know my recommendation for entertainment (besides Matt of course).

So we “sprung forward” three weeks early this year. If I’m not mistaken, this was due to Congress’s Energy Policy Act, which is supposedly intended to save energy. I’m not getting something here: how does confusing the heck out of domestic America by quietly changing Daylight Savings and creating a Y2Kish scare all over again save energy? If somebody cares to enlighten me I’d love to hear it…I’m sure the reason is just as logical as the rest of the perplexing principles behind our bewildering governing body.

Random thought for the week: Philip Glass has some really cool stuff our there. I think I’m taking a liking to this whole minimalist thing. You people should check it out.

So that was my weekend. Since I am currently about 20 miles out of Barstow, you’re getting the abridged, link-less version of TCF this week. I apologize for the somewhat lengthy narratives/ranting (I’m kinda bored) and the lack of links. I’ll be back to normal next week. Hopefully.

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