Monday, July 16, 2007

Back in the US

Actually I've been back for a while now, I'm just- oh how do they say it in Spanish- perezoso.

The trip to Mexico was a really good expierience. My mom and I went along with Julian and his mom with their church's medical/dental missions trip. A lot of times were fun, and I must say overall it was a good learning expierience for me. It's a lot different when you're plopped in the middle of that kind of environment than when your just watching it on TV or driving by. The first day I got to help out with dispensing drugs and the second day I took over for a "triage" nurse. Remember now, I'm not a that was interesting. I got to take vitals (the old fashioned "nurse-on-a-stick" here) and do some other stuff (i.e. medical stuff) that probably would have been fairly illegal for me to do in the US. Overall I'm glad I went and am looking forward to doing something like it again.

Senior Project is OVER! ALL DONE! Except for one little presentation in a month...but who cares. I am done with that horrendous waste of time! Yay. I concluded it last week with the presentation and such. Before that I did my ride-along with LA County Fire Station 111. I must admit...that was one of the coolest experiences in my life. Not only were the calls pretty cool (medical rescues and the age old cat stuck in a tree), but whole "firehouse atmosphere" was really nice. I also got my BLS cert which officially concluded my project. I am very pleased to have that done.

I actually stayed up way past my insanely conservative self-set bedtime to see the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last Tues-Wed. It was a lot of fun and probably one of the better HP movies (even though John Williams didn't do the score). I'm looking forward to the last book coming out.

Andi, Karl, Matt and Micah are in the process of moving here this week. It will be really cool/fun to have them closer. I even have my own the closet.

Join 86% of your peers in outlawing the compound "dihydrogen monoxide" in the environment. People scare me sometimes.

Follow parking laws and don't mess with the fire department. Enough said.

Mongolia played host to a meeting of the shortest man in the world to the tallest man in the world. The world's tallest man, Bao Xishun shook hands with He Pingping who claims to be Earth's shortest. The pics are pretty great.

It's great to know that 911 will always be there when you need it. Even for math homework.

Well, I'm off to Colorado today. Should be home next week...have a Happy Day.

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