Thursday, July 05, 2007

Off to Mexico...

By tomorrow, I'll be in Burrito Land.


Josh said...

It's probably too late by now seeing as you are long gone by now, but anyways, watch out for the Mexicano drivers as some of them don't stop at the stop signs...

...Regardless, Have a safe trip!

Bekka Booser said...

That's interesting.
You probably missed Penny's double today, (that is, July 5th.)
My bro, his girlfriend, my mom and I were all talking crap about Penny and how he's a huge cry baby and yada yada yada. Then he hit a double and it looked like he was canned at second. And as Penny is clutching his head and I was screaming YOU IDIOT internally, the ump called him (Penny) safe.
Then my brother's girlfriend (who happens to be a Yank/Mets fan, I brother is the disappointment of the family,) gets all mad and starts talking in her Jersey accent and we had a good laugh.
Penny was pitching with a little jump in is step.
But, none THE less, I thought you would appreciate it more than say, Jason or Isaac.

Tiffany said...

have fun! =]

Sheena said...

Have a grand time in Mexico!I send warm regards to our Latin neighbors.

Mr. Matalon asked me to bring my clarinet and play a few major and minor scales for the class this Wednesday. I know I will mess up so I might as well die. jk. I won't kill myself.