Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Day of Labor

Or, hopefully, lack thereof.

The AV Fair ran last week. I didn't really spend too much time inside the fair (other than a quick walk through and a deep fired Twinkie), but spent plenty of time riding around the parking lot. I worked the trolley for about 2 and a half shifts. Luckily I didn't get the horrid weather shifts (although there was some pretty gnarly wind on Sat...check out the funnel cloud), and there weren't to many drunks either. So nothing overly exciting there. Karl drove on Saturday, and I think he actually somewhat enjoyed it (either that or he was too busy laughing at Josh and I havening to walk confused old ladies back to their missing cars). For the most part it was pretty fun.

Band finished the drill for the first song last week. We're moving along at a really good pace and actually sounding halfway decent (which is much improvement over last year at this time). Our first football game is on Friday. It'll be neat to start the good 'ol football season again.

College application season is in its infancy and my head is already spinning. For some odd reason, I was inspired to organize the paperwork/online junk/essays I have to do this weekend. I took a two hour nap after that one.

I'm going to think twice before biting into Chinese chocolate. Recently some chocolate has become "contaminated in the manufacturing process." In other words, it's now infested with live worms. Yummy.

Google Earth never ceases to amaze. While it's a third party add on, you can now use Google Earth as a flight simulator. I haven't played with it yet, but it's gotta be pretty awesome.

I guess it's too much of a burden to actually look at the ad before placing it in public.

There are some weird commercials out there. I'm not a huge fan of those don't even hint as to what they are trying to sell, but this one is just plain weird. Keep in mind it's an ad for milk.

That's about it for now...enjoy your day off.


Tiffany said...

Looks like you had fun on the trolley. =]

Fried Twinkie???

Bekka Booser said...

Fried twinkie?
That sounds very un-clarky. Was it good? I've never ventured to try such a vast amount of diabetes-on-a-stick in one sitting. You must be exhausted.
I have a picture for you...

Josh said...

Was that the reason why Karl seemed so... happy, because of the old ladies and their blue, green, gold, black, white, or whatever colored cars? It seemed like throughout the entire 3.5 hours he was having a good time though.
I thought that Schizo/bi-polar lady was...entertaining.