Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cal Lu

I got back yesterday from my Presidential Scholar visit to Cal Lutheran. I must admit, I was pretty impressed. Although a lot of it is "marketing" (as my mother puts it), I really felt comfortable with the whole small, familyish atmosphere. Despite the slightly uncomfortable sleeping conditions, it was a very good experience. I think my interviews went pretty well and I should hear about scholarship within a few days.

Last Saturday Karl and Jon threw a not-so-surprise birthday party for my sister's 30th. It went really well (that cake was awesome) and it was cool seeing everybody. If you're interested in playing the famous "guess the twin" game let me know. I am also proud to say that I survived my second (and probably last) 7 hour Easter marathon playing bells.

I got the CD of All Southern audio after a small delay (the first cd was shattered...apperently a casualty of the postal service). The audio is posted on the next post, and if you want a copy of the CD let me know.

The Dodgers and Red Sox set a world record with 115,000 fans in attendance of their exhibition game on Saturday. It was a very interesting set up in the LA Coliseum to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the LA Dodgers.

I have often had the debate about whether or not you can differentiate 128kbps mp3 quality vs. 320kbps. Finally somebody has set it up. Good luck and let me know how you do (I'll openly admit I was wrong).

I think this has been around a while but it's worth a mention. It's a 911 call and it involves stupid people and Burger King. It is pretty sad to hear how dumb some people are and even sadder to know this was clogging our emergency lines for two and a half minutes.

Well that's about it for now. Countdown to Chicago: 11 days.

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