Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm Legal

Now that's a pretty scary thought.

I must say, my birthday was pretty swell. Being at All-State and enjoying a full day of rehearsing and listening to great music really made the day a good one. The only downside was not really seeing a lot of family/friends, but that was made up for other times. Highlights of this year's loot includes 18 boxes of Good & Plenty's, a rubber-band ball making kit, a Metrotuner, a bag of drug pens, losing lotto tickets, a bunch of cool shirts, and a really cool mug. Good stuff.

As expected, All State was pretty amazing. Casey made it into the Concert Band, and I got into the Symphonic Band. Our conductor was really animated and very good. The literature was a lot of fun too. We played some Traffic, a cool little tango thing, and a Grantham piece, among some other things. We sounded great and the experience was tons of fun. I'll post some audio when I get it.

The Future Leader thing in the paper the other day. The article/picture turned out surprisingly well. I just wish you couldn't see up my nostrils in the picture and she hadn't used the "skinny" quote in the article. Other than that, it was kinda cool.

A daycare teacher has been warned for giving cat food to the children. I'm curious about two things: 1) Why would anybody taste cat food, or give it to small children to eat? and 2) Why wasn't she fired?

A group of cannibals in the Ukraine have been locked up after they ate a friend who offered to cook them dinner. Guess they weren't full.

Representative Kingston (R-GA) was on MSNBC the other day criticizing Obama for not wearing one of those little American flag pins that every other politician on the planet wears. Where it gets fun: Dan Abrams calls him on not wearing one himself during the interview.

That's it for now...I need to practice some Copland.

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