Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Disney Hall

So apparently Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time. In my case I like to consider "relaxing" the act of constantly working.

The AVC band played at the Walt Disney Concert Hall last Tuesday. It was simply amazing. I have never before seen a venue of that caliber both onstage and backstage. The acoustics were simply amazing and facilities awesome. It felt really cool to sit in the same lounge as LA Phil players and actually see their individual lockers. The concert went well and the evening as a whole was very fun.

My EMT class is going well and keeping me busy. I did my ER clinical shift and ride-along last weekend. Both went well. I must say that there is some pretty interesting stuff out there.

Myself, Tiffany, Casey, Lauren, Mitch and Rachel made our long overdue trip to Disneyland last Sunday. It was tons of fun as expected, and I got to see the actual Fantasmic show for the first time. It was pretty cool and we had a really long/fun day. As an added bonus, we unknowingly ate lunch next to Whoopi Goldberg and family. Yeah...pretty cool/weird.

As you can see, "sleep is overrated" was my motto for last week.

A new Australian law makes it illegal to "cause annoyance or inconvenience." So it's illegal to annoy people. Despite the possible encroachment on civil liberties, that is pretty dang cool.

New owners of half-million dollar homes in Florida are continuing their search for live bombs that tend to be frequently found in the property. That's a tad disturbing to me.

Finally, I leave you with yet another Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Clip. My only response to this is vive les idiots!

That's it for now, have a Happy 4th.


Stutelberg Family said...

Sound pretty cool...the Disney parts! See ya tonight for Karl's b-day party! Matt keeps saying "I want to bug CC!" Watch out!

Em said...

Umm how do you do that silly "family and friends" bit on the side of your blog there sir?

Clark said...

If you have a new template, go under manage:layout, click 'add a page element' and do a favorites/links thing. If you have an older template, I don't think it supports those add ons unless you want to mess with the code.

Em said...


I'm kinda sped but I figured it out.