Sunday, November 23, 2008

The British are Here

Or at least they were for our first Wind Ensemble concert Friday night. All went fairly well and from those I've talked to it apparently sounded pretty decent. My parents and Casey came down to hear it so and it was pretty cool seeing them.

Since the ride was there, I went home this weekend. I test drove a Subaru Forrester which my parents will mostly likely buy sometime soon. At that point I'll hopefully get the Lexas for next few years and, assuming I don't drop out and take to life on the streets, I'll inherit the Subaru when I graduate. Pretty good deal.

School is keeping me busy. There always seems to be something going on which is a good thing because I like staying active. The other night I got a last minute invitation to Ventura with a few other music students to see John Adam's Dr. Atomic performed by the Met and broadcast live in HD. If you're into contemporary Opera, or like music at all, it's a pretty awesome Oprea and I highly recommend.

I attended a couple lectures by Andrew Newberg-- a medical doctor who specializes in the neuroscience behind spirituality and religious belief. Absolutely fascinating stuff. He has a few books out which I'm going to definitely try to read someday.

After being hit at 70mph, a dog in Italy survived embedded in the grill of the car for more than 15 miles. That's one lucky dog and that's one true Italian driver.

Well it's happened. The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that individuals who are "functionally disabled by obesity" are entitled to two airline seats for the price of one. This whole obesity thing is sounding better and better. You're already a multi-millionaire from suing McDonalds and now you get extra room during flights.

For our Matrix fans out there, it appears some have speculated what would happen if the Matrix ran on on Windows. The subtitle says it all: Take the red pill. Get the blue screen.

That's it for now. Have a happy Thanksgiving and don't eat too much (or do and get an extra seat next time you fly).

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