Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Dorm Smells Like Death

There's either food or a small mammal rotting in here somewhere. I'm taking a break from my weekend long investigation into this progressively worsening situation.

On a lighter note, I played my first concert with the Cal Lu University Symphony last week. I think the Romantic Visions sounded pretty nice. It's fun getting more orchestra experience now. You play with a whole new awareness when you realize that nobody is doubling the part. I think the concert should be up on iTunes U pretty soon, so stay tuned.

Our Wind Ensemble concert is coming up on Nov 21 and anybody is welcome (plus it's free...).

I was able to make it home for Micah's first birthday last Sunday. Presented with cake, the little dude didn't disappoint. While it was pretty chaotic with 5 toddlers running around, it was really nice to see everybody.

After Tuesday's election it's nice to see that the world doesn't hate us as much anymore. It'll also be nice to watch TV without stupid campaign commercials.

Did you catch the SNL Presidential Bash? Pretty good stuff. I think you can catch the whole episode online.

CNN made television history on the night of the election by having a corespondent appear via hologram. Very cool and Star Warsish although I don't really get the point.

Black Friday is coming...anybody up for joining me on the traditional early morning bash?

That's it for now, the quest for the source of the stench continues...

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Stutelberg Family said...

Yeah, he posted!! Okay, that makes it obvious that I don't have much going on! Good luck with the odor search! That is pretty gross, man!