Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hats off to Entertainment

Happy 2009!

Christmas and New Years were both pretty swell. Got to hang out with family, swap strange gifts and enjoy an almost semi-white Christmas. Winter break is also going pretty well in general. It's amazing how busy you can feel while basking in laziness. We leave for Colorado, Gmo, the cabin, and Powerhorn later this week so I'm really looking forward to that.

The Rose Parade proved to be a success for all the of the TofR folks. I have to admit that it was a little weird and not as fun without participating but many of the TofR alum from the past couple years got together and went down for Bandfest on the 30th. We saw both shows and there were some pretty amazing groups out there. It was really nice catching up with everybody and getting to see the QHers do their thing.

Other than that, my winter break life has pretty much consisted of sleeping, practicing, volunteering at AVH, catching up with folks, and refining my Wii Fit and Sport skills. My mom's Christmas present to the family was a Wii (the first game system we've ever owned) and I am suffering from somewhat of an addiction. Good thing it won't be at school.

One of my presents from the Stutelbergs was a daily calender with weird and wacky websites, so more than a few of those will be making an appearance here.

Since we've reached a new year, new calenders will be needed. Why not step away from the tradition Gregorian system we're all so obsessed with and take a look at the Julian, Hebrew, Muslim, and Mayan calenders. A good time waster.

In the spirit of Illinois corruption, a Chicago newspaper ran an ad for a furniture store that, in a stroke of marketing genius, claims that they sell more seats than the Governor. I bet they're cheaper and probably last a tad longer, too.

While many of those annoying Hollywood celebrities may be under the impression that they're glamor will last forever, one photoshoper decided to have a little fun and see what they'd look like in 2034.

That's it for now, I must get back to the Wii.


sheena said...

It's the weirdest thing but I am thinking of asking for a Wii only because it might be an escape from me getting caught up with school. Ha, it's probably unhealthy but it looks like you enjoy it. I want to be cool like you....(hah,kidding).

Stutelberg Family said...

I think it is Powderhorn man, not Powerhorn. Although that would be a cool name!! Keep practicing with the Wii because in a week all of your records will be shattered by your sis!! Thanks for running with me on Sat! I did a good run today (Sun) that we will have to do together before you leave for school.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us and Hollywood celebs that beauty is not eternal with that picture. {mobile web}