Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer (Part 1)

Earlier this month marked the official halfway point in my undergraduate career. It truly feels like a few weeks ago I was stressed about starting at Cal Lu. Now I see friends like Josh and Sheena graduating (I remember calling their house for band before their freshman year of high school!) and moving on to USC and UCLA respectively (hopefully a little rivalry won't put too much of a strain on their friendship). Overall I have two years down and about 10 to go before I start actually making money.

The end of the year at CLU was stressful and bittersweet as usual. Finals went well and Res Hall closeouts were very interesting (took home quite a few fun souvenirs residents left behind). I bid farewell to many great seniors and bon voyage to a lot of friends who are studying abroad. Overall it was a pretty good year and now it's time to prep for next year as I again tackle music and RA while adding Organic Chem and the MCAT. Fun times ahead.

Speaking of study abroad, I depart for Semester at Sea on June 13. I'm starting to get really excited and the realities of packing, money, communication, etc are starting to set in. I fly to Canada, meet the ship and depart for a trans-Atlantic cross. We'll be stopping in Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco before crossing back over to Virginia. This blog will soon transform into a travel journal and I'm making it my goal to update as much as possible so stay tuned.

The whole oil spill fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico is really a shame. In my Evolutionary Bio class we talked quite a bit about how humans effect natural life and processes in such detrimental ways without even realizing it. Seeing such a blatant example really brings attention to a lot of these human effects, big and small. I don't think there's really a clear-cut solution to any of these problems; we'll just have to see what happens. On a lighter note, at least BP has decided to take action by putting a new logo out.

Having a friend work for Apple makes poking fun at the company even more fun. I came across a pretty sad/funny but true graphic that pretty much serves as the basis for Apple's sales model.

I know a lot of people were excited for the Lost season finale last week. The show made quite a stir and, while I never actually saw any episodes, I did watch a short youtube synopsis. Quite a few people have said that the three minute video explains the plot better than the six seasons. I think it's just the sticky note usage that helps.

That's all for now...stay tuned for part 2 after the QHHS alumni band concert this afternoon.


sheena said...

Oh, it is quite the honor to be mentioned in the first paragraph. Don't worry Clark...Josh and I will be closer than ever. While I am struggling to get into classes and trying to find a time to see my professor at least once and Josh is dying in debt and paying back huge loans, we both will be best of friends trying to reach the same goal. :]

Karl Stutelberg said...

I had given up on checking your blog on a regular basis! I'll be a dedicated reader while you are overseas! Have a blast, learn a lot about life, and be safe! Love you and can't wait to see you in a few months!
Andi (I know this is Karl's account but it's Andi writing this comment! I'm too lazy to log him out and me in!!)