Saturday, June 25, 2005

LCLC Productions Update

From the LCLC Productions Blog:

I'm speaking on behalf of myself and Louis. All of the "witty" stuff that I could never come up with in here guessed it: his.

We had previous arrangements for a cinematic mental collaboration at a much overrated coffeehouse earlier this week, but Louis had to pull out like a Sophomore nerd in a barf green woody station wagon going to prom pulling out of his driveway. He was apparently "forced" out of the house on a rendezvous to Primo, thus expending his one allotted public outing for the week (albeit unintentionally) as mandated by his mother.
To add to this lamentably deplorable situation, good 'ol Mitsch-wad (Casey) is leaving on vacation for a month. Sans our quiet Asian cameraguy, we can't film very much. Make that: we can't film at all. This is where you people come in. We need your help. Without Casey (and his camera, which btw, is going with him), we'll be forced to go a month with out making any progress. Although we sound like the novice rookie filmmakers we are, if anybody has a DV camera (Digital8 or MiniDV), we need to borrow it. If you can part with your fine piece of filming equipment (which, may I add, will be in very good hands), please email us at

I thought I'd just give you a little update and plea for help. Thanks for your support.


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