Sunday, October 23, 2005

100th Post

Yep, it's TCF number 100.
I think...I didn't actually count; I'm trusting blogger on this one.

We took 1st in our division the Apple Valley band competition yesterday, but no sweepstakes. Barstow was nice enough to take care of those for us. It was a very long (try 11 hours), yet fun, day.

Everything else in my life is pretty much the same, that is: busy. Very busy, but I'm still here, every Sunday and the occasional Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to a weekend...oh wait...we just had one. Oh well, there's always next week.

Mandriva Linux 2006 came out a few days ago. It's their latest big update to the OS since 10.0 came out a few years ago. I'll probably get around to installing it over Thanksgiving break.

For those you still in Redmond, check out the top ten reasons to switch to Linux.

On that note, happy 20th birthday, Windows! PC Mag had a special this was really interesting (for some of us at least) to see how it all developed from Windows 1.0 to the upcoming release of Vista.

Well, that wraps up the 100th post.


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