Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back to it...

School started again on Monday. I have absolutely no idea how a three week break flew by so fast. Oh least it was a good one.

Everything at school is pretty much the same. Back to old studying schedules and procrastination habits. At least math appears to be slightly easier (as I begin pounding on the nearest wooden object). We actually have a "real" PE teacher this semester. At least I got to enjoy one year of PE McQ style, but so far this new "real" teacher is placing herself in the same PE teaching league as McQ.

As noted by my last post, I made All State! I was the only one from QHHS this year, and possibly the first ever. It'll be tough, but I'm looking forward to it.

MacWorld Expo began yesterday with Job's announcement of the new MacBook (could they think of a stupider name?) and iMac with the new Intel Core Duo (talk about stupid names) chip. Pretty exciting for all those Mac freaks out there. CES was also last week, but apparently that was kind of a flop this year.

Links of the week:
-DIY lockpick...truly geek style made from an old toothbrush
-Update your XP look & feel...pretty smooth, I like it so far
-Glad I'm not at the U of Alabama...a glitch sent an email the every student telling them they were dropped
-And of course: 25 reasons to switch to Linux

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