Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Minor Scales, Ska, Cats and More...

Life's trudging on as usual. Same old stuff at new bomb threats to report on. I'm practicing my guts out on my melodic minor scales for All State...I have to have them memorized for a live audition. Ugh.

The honor band concert is Friday. We're playing some pretty cool pieces, so hopefully it turns out well. We have yet to actually "rehearse" as a full band, so who knows.

I'm in a ska band! The legendary Chase Wells invited Casey and myself to join his garage/ska band. I'm on sax/clarinet (maybe even flute...who knows), Casey's on trumpet, Chase on bagpipes (yes, pipes in ska...pretty awesome if you ask me) and we have a keyboard, lead guitar, bass, and set. It's pretty cool, but we're just starting. If you know any low wind players who are interested, we need 'em.

Check out the 101 dumbest moments in business. It's a list of the stupidest things companies have done throughout 2005; some are pretty funny to look back on.

Did you see Kobe's 81 point game?! As much as I dislike the guy, I have to hand it to him...that's pretty dang good.

Finally, proof that cats are more fun than dogs. Sorry Emma, but cats rule!

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