Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday

Even though we were in Vegas over Thanksgiving, tradition had to be continued. So, Karl, Jon, and I woke up at 3:30am and ventured to wait in extremely long lines and deal with chaotic crowds. Fun stuff. While we weren't out for anything huge, we did score some pretty neat stuff. I came home with 100 DVD-R's (that should last a while), 50 Cd-R's, a 2GB flash drive with U3, and a few other Christmas items that would not be in my best interest to mention here. In all, despite running on three hours of sleep, it was pretty awesome, as usual.

Thanksgiving was great; there we're 15 of us at my Uncle's house and we ate a lot of good food. The tomato jello thing wasn't my favorite, but otherwise the food was great and it was nice to spend a great Turkey Day with family. And yes, that's our turkey.

I mentioned above that my new flash drive supported U3. While I always knew this technology existed, I never realized how cool it is. You can customize applications on the drive, so when you plug it into any system that system basically becomes your custom system. Very nice.

Too bad no stores had this mega-monitor on sale Friday. I could definitely go for one of those suckers.

Hungary? Make a sandwich. Oh, wait... sorry, you can't do that. At least you can't if McDonald's gets their way and puts a patent on the sandwich and, more specifically, the "simultaneous toasting of a bread component." I'm sorry, but that is absurd. One more reason to boycott McDonald's.

This has to be one of the most amazing basketball baskets ever made. That thing seems to defy the laws of physics. One word: wow.

Compliments of my Uncle, here is a comedy on airline pilots. Pretty funny stuff. Scary thing is, I can somewhat see him acting like that.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to go try and figure out why I'm getting a rash from a fake Christmas tree.


Bekka Booser said...

Perhaps you're getting a rash because you're allergic to the tree?
Has the tree been in storage for a while? I got one from my tree two years ago because I pulled it from the attic in my old house (all on my own-a miraculous feat,) and my tree was sitting on that puffy yellow cotton-candy-like insulation that causes extensive itching. Which lead to a rash. Sometimes dust causes rashes too. If the tree has the crappy branch imitators, then the plastic might have a component in the ingredient that caused a rash. Like lead.
Lead would be bad, it could lead to poisoning. Oh, the wonders of the English language: lead, lead.
At least it's not Spanish though.

...I had something more productive to say, but - as always - I have forgotten.
I think I was going to complain. Yes, I was. Okay..
Why!! Did you have to make it so that comments can only be posted if one is publishing?! I like to remain anonymous. Now, I can't. I left like, two?, other comments anonymously and I bet you still haven't figured out they were from me yet. Now you have; regardless, I like to remain anonymous, and now that I can't, I'm afraid I'll have to let you live and not kill you.

220 words, by the way.

sheena said...

im glad your car started working. gotta go now. homework. happy cold day by the way.

sheena (brrrr)

Tiffany said...

Hey. Well, so sorry for being late to clarinet choir... lol. Hm, I'm glad that your car was fixed. :]

Clark said...

Let's see if I can reply to three of these things in one comment...

I'll look into the tree thing. I don't think I'm exactly allergic, but thanks for the idea/analysis anyway.

I'm glad my car started working too. It was quite cold and miserable out there. And I turned funny colors. Fun stuff.

See you folks tomorrow-


Clark said...

By the way, you can still comment as anonymous.

Bekka Booser said...

It wont let me.
It's like
That could just be my lack of skill thereof.

Besides, If I post annoymously you will know it's me because, who else would?

Sheena said...

Ummm...Clark, I wanted to get linux but im not really sure which website is the best linux for me. I read what linux is and i think it would be really useful. The thing is that the website had different variations for linux and it thoroughly confused me. Where could i create an account? And is it free?


Anonymous said...

Ok I would kthnks,

Clark said...

Catch me at school some time when I'm in a linux mood (just ask) and I'll give you the whole schpeel.
That word looks really funny.


sheena said...

i havent got on in a while so...yeah whats a schpeel? well ill try asking about linux tomorrow which is friday. happy last practice of the year.


Karl said...

Whats up with The Crane Files...I have not seen any action on this page in's not like you are busy! See ya in a few weeks! Happy (early) Christmas! Talk to you later. Oh, how did the Starbucks gig go? Are you still shaking from all the caffine?

Rae said...

Lovely cat picture Clark. Ha, my fake tree looks more realistic than yours! Your cat looks cross eyed in that picture.
Anyways...Whats this I hear(well actually see) about your car not working? You turned purple agian? thats sad. I'm sorry Clark.
Well see you later

sheena said...

Clark -

When are you guys going to be finished with the cat dissection in Mrs. NIchter's? I hope it is soon because the smell during 3rd period is getting worse.....the sad part is that I'm getting used to it (ugh). Well i should be going now..i have to study for finals...goodbye

(by the way...Mrs. Nichter ran out of lysol today which really made me sad.)


Clark said...

I think the cat is there for another month or two. Sorry about the smell...its tons better when it's right up in your face. Fun stuff.